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Muscle pain after yoga

Muscle pain after yoga

Muscle pain after yoga is common. This is actually quite logical. In yoga class, you practice various exercises and postures.

In the process, you tense and stretch your muscles. You hold the pose for a certain amount of time. This can lead to muscle pain.

Maybe you know the feeling of muscle pain after yoga? And do you also wonder if it is healthy?

We want to give you more information about why it makes perfect sense that you can suffer from muscle pain after a yoga class. Read on below quickly!

Get to know your body through muscle pain

Muscle pain helps you get to know your body better. You may experience muscle pain in a strange place.

A spot that you did not have to use or tense during the exercise. This will help you realize that you may have been doing the exercise too long or even incorrectly.

In the process, you also learn about the parts of your body that may need a little more attention or movement. If you use the leg muscles in yoga exercises for a long period of time, those muscles may still need some building up.

Can I prevent muscle soreness after yoga?

Muscle soreness after yoga cannot always be avoided. As we mentioned earlier, you need (some form of) muscle soreness to stimulate your muscle growth.

However, you must continue to listen to your body. You should not push yourself beyond your own limits. This will lead to the wrong kind of muscle pain and overload your muscles. This is counterproductive and can lead to injury.

However, you can make sure that muscle soreness is kept to a minimum. Remember (for different sports and disciplines) to do a good warm-up and cool-down at the end of the class.

What can I do to relieve muscle soreness after yoga?

First and foremost, it is advisable to keep moving. Move quietly and do not force yourself. Go for a walk. Leave heavy conditioning efforts alone for a while. These can actually make muscle pain worse.

Give your body the rest it needs to recover. A good rule is not to put any stress on the body for 24 hours, but do light efforts. This way, the risk of injury is the lowest.

And if you are already suffering from muscle pain when you come to yoga class, remember your own limits. This way you will end up achieving the most!

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