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Meditation for children, relax!

Meditation for children

Meditation for children, a break from today’s stressful and hectic time.

We wrote earlier that children are expected to do a lot. They are becoming more and more distant from themselves and preoccupied with everything and everyone around them.

They find it hard to turn inward, which means they lose themselves and can’t listen to their body’s needs. This can continue into old age, with all its negative consequences.

For example, with ailments such as muscle tension, headaches and insomnia.

Wondering how you can address these ailments from an early age with meditation for kids? Then read on!

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Why meditation for children has a positive effect

Meditation for children can help the child feel calmer. The child is more relaxed and can concentrate better.

Because you get to know your body better, you get more self-confidence. You know what your body needs, what it wants to tell you.

The abdominal breathing is stimulated. This total yoga breathing makes you calmer and gives you more energy.

When you feel comfortable in your own skin, you will more easily radiate this to the outside world. Interpersonal relationships and cooperation with others are positively stimulated by meditation.

There is also more room for creativity. Meditations, especially guided meditations (visualizations), stimulate this positive quality.

Guided meditation for children

Especially in the beginning, it is very difficult to learn how to meditate. For everyone. You focus inward and this can be perceived as exciting, uncomfortable or even frightening. Even adults can find it very difficult at first.

Participating in a guided meditation at a younger age can help you focus your attention more inward.

A guided meditation can help at a young age. For example, the child is drawn into a story with his or her eyes closed. A positive story that is attuned to the child’s experience and promotes self-confidence.

This visualization teaches to bring out the best in yourself. Your positive qualities are highlighted. The imagination is engaged so that creativity grows.

The child lies or sits quietly with eyes closed and concentrates on the story. As a result, he or she finds peace and relaxation. For a time, shut yourself off from the hustle and bustle around you.

You may choose to do this meditation (partially) with music. This may help with relaxation or improve visualization.

If you follow a guided meditation for a longer time, you can carefully start a “regular” meditation.

What is important when meditating for children

Make sure that meditation for children takes place in a quiet place. Remove all possible distractions from the room.

Be careful about reading or telling visualizations. Remind yourself of any negative experiences in life. Otherwise, you may bring them to the surface through meditation and reinforce them. This will not contribute to the peace and relaxation you are trying to achieve.

Provide a nice place to sit or lie down. This will make it easier for the child to sit or lie in a certain position. Also make sure the environment is warm. A blanket and a pillow can help to relax.

The child should feel safe. Make sure the child knows that you are there and that you are giving them the reassurance they need. This promotes relaxation and helps the child close his eyes and focus on the visualization.

You can let the child be in the story environment silently for a while. However, be sure to clearly bring the child back to the here and now at the end of the visualization. Otherwise, the child may not remember where he or she is. This will save the child a lot of confusion and possibly anxiety.

Nothing needs to be done during meditation for children. Unless they lie still and quiet. Partially opening the eyes or changing the posture is allowed. This is what the child needs and will actually have a positive effect.

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