Ayuryoga Therapeutic Approach To Yoga

A prescribed therapy is based on person’s diagnosis. Diagnosis is based on a medical system. Yoga Therapy is based on the Traditional Medicine of Ayuveda...

Tanmatra Healing watch out!...subtle happiness ahead

Surely, there must be some benefits of living our lives the modern way like we do these days: maybe more luxury, greater pleasures, social recognition...

Miracles of Yoga Improving The Power of Memory

When you fail to remember something, which you have read, heard or seen, and cannot remember despite several efforts then it is called loss of memory...

Samkhya: The Philosophy Behind Yoga

Concept of Atman (Soul) in philosophical systems Analysing Samkhya as a tool to realize nature of Yoga and its practices in context of…

How Our Thoughts Control Our DNA

The common idea that DNA determines so much of who we are—not only our eye or hair color, for example, but also our ...

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